Hair and nail health is a kind of indicator of the state of our whole body. Care associated with the use of cosmetics alone cannot be fully effective.

Problems that have arisen due to imbalances in the body lead to the nails and hair lose their former shine, strength and healthy appearance. That’s why these problems need to be addressed at their very source. Complete healthy hair and nail care is based on a balanced diet of the body.

How to improve your diet

Many people completely exclude protein food from their daily diet, referring to the fact that its consumption is harmful to the figure. But do not forget that the base of the hair and nail plate is just a protein. Complete disregard for protein food will lead to digestive problems and cause even greater accumulation of fat in the body.

Protein deficiency makes the skin lose its elasticity, and hair and nails lose their healthy look. To avoid this, you need to include foods such as cheese, meat, eggs, beans, nuts and curd in your diet. For those who are afraid to gain weight, it is recommended to eat protein food in the morning.

Vitamins for hair and nail health

Not only calcium is responsible for the strength of the nails, but also vitamin A, as well as iron. Lack of calcium leads to brittle nails, and vitamin A – to their slow growth. Calcium contains milk and seafood, vitamin A – carrots and blueberries, eggs, cheese. Products rich in sulfur (cabbage, onions) will protect your nails from inflammation.

Iron deficiency can also have an adverse effect on your body: fine dry hair, splitting nails, pale skin are some of the few signs of iron deficiency.

Women often have problems with iron deficiency in their bodies: the fact that this chemical element is poorly absorbed from food. Here you can get help with preparations that contain iron supplements.

And in the end

Before you buy a cosmetic product, think – do you really need it? Most of them have only a visible effect, without eliminating the cause of the problem. For example, shampoos for dandruff do not cure it, it comes back when you switch to another remedy. If you want to restore healthy shine and strength to your hair and nails, just think about the cause of the problem.