Bayer is the person who controls the purchase of the range. He needs to know at least English and Italian, be fluent in brands and trends, and understand who he works for.

Bohemiens (French: gypsies). The ideology of the bohemian style is relative to the hippie style. But by no means should they be confused. In contrast to the marginal culture of “children of flowers” Bohemian culture is quite bourgeois, and the way to dress is much more refined and refined.

Vintage is when things are more than 50 years old, but it has retained its commercial appearance and meets today’s fashion demands.

Gide-line-it is a frame, meaning the core of the show, i.e. the key image of the collection or its leitmotif (some memorable detail).
Style icon names those who climb out of the skin in order to look more fashionable than anyone else: carefully select the colors and scrupulously achieve inadvertent carelessness or on the contrary, trying to make their own way of dressing unique.

The capsule collection is a separate line created within the brand, most often by a guest designer or celebrity. As a rule (exceptions are hard to remember), this is a marketing focus.

Last seasons is outdated must have. What was chased for the whole six months, a few months later inevitably looks impossible.

Limited edition is a limited edition. These are usually either socially problematic projects (at an affordable price) or shamelessly luxurious things that are fantastically overhead in production.

Must-have is a trendy thing, which is the main hit and “squeak of fashion”. Each season mast-have is announced by experts in the fashion industry (designers, editors of glossy magazines, stylists, buyers, fashion bloggers, etc.). Applies to clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances.

Print, drawing on fabric, clothing. Can be a separate part of the fabric, or represent the entire pattern.

For example, floral (floral), animalistic (leopard, etc.), geometric prints and so on.

The third is the designers themselves, whose entire life is aimed at the development of modern fashion industry.

Fashionista is a person who does not necessarily dress fashionably. This is a person who is seriously interested in fashion. Her directions, the history of fashion. The impact it has on a person’s inner world, on the history of the state and world history.

Fashionista – can write about fashion, conduct a fashion blog, give advice, understand all currents and directions. Know the concepts of all well-known and little known brands, brands, firms and corporations.

Fashionista is a person who can be a fashion critic or just a person who likes to go to fashion shows. He sees beauty on the catwalk as much as connoisseurs of theatrical productions.

Fashionista is an enthusiast who knows how to dress in style and will gladly teach it to others. Those who spare no effort and time to go to multi-brand boutiques. These are fashionists and fashionable women who are able to watch for hours and try on, try on and try on fashion models. They always know how to wear beautiful things and get great pleasure from it.

Pop-up store is a retail limited edition of edison. Pop-up store is opened for a strictly limited period of time, say a month, and it is announced in advance.

Prêt-à-porter – affordable mass consumption clothing, which is made in large quantities and sold in boutiques to anyone.

Replica – fake, but made carefully and accurately, albeit from less expensive materials. Between replica and really expensive thing you can not find any external differences, but the replica shoes will have a much less comfortable pad, replica dress will be made not of Italian silk, and Korean polyester, and the replica bag will have fittings, which saved a lot, and some glued inner pockets.

The stylist is the one who selects clothes for fashion shootings or helps with sets on backstage of the show.

Total Look – an image exactly copied from the runway, that is, a set made up of clothes, shoes and accessories of the same brand.

Trump is a style that appeared in the 80s, its founder is Madonna. In American English “tramp” is a sexy woman, a prostitute. Signs of tramp-style:

  • very short skirts and shorts;
  • numerous cuts and notches;
  • high heels;
  • stockings;
  • maximum naked body – torso, legs, shoulders.

Trend is a pattern that characterizes the overall long-term trend. Which trends have become iconic in the coming season.

Trash style is literally “garbage“. The style came into being quite recently, founded by Audrey Kitching. It’s anti-glamour, the opposite of fashion. If, for example, it’s fashionable to wear tight pants, the fans of thrash style wear a claw.

Topsiders are shoes designed specifically for yachting. It looks like something between loafers and sneakers. Topsiders are made of soft leather and have an extra leather lanyard around the heel for better fixation of the foot. The special white rubber sole does not slide or leave marks on the chic deck.

Flanker – means some kind of extension product for the main brand line to support it. In other words, in Flanker perfumery they call a fragrance that has been slightly modified, i.e. a variation on the main composition. As a rule, Flanker is produced in a very limited edition.

An eclectic style is a mixture of different styles, ideas, views, etc., based on their artificial combination.

Nude color – shades of beige or body color, creating a delicate and natural image.

Easy chic – in the commonplace “bum styles”. Sloppy, sloppy style in clothes, often found on the streets of Europe. Distinctive features: classic shapes, simple silhouettes, only comfortable things, not boring monotony and a slight pat of artistic negligence.

Casual – everyday fashionable clothes, in the European tradition – a kind of dress code, style of clothing, which emphasizes convenience. The casual style was born in Great Britain, or rather in Scotland, in the city of Aberdeen.

Haute couture – Haute Couture Fashion House is an official status, which can be used only by those Houses, which are part of the Syndicate (or Chamber) of High Fashion Houses. Haute Couture collections are shown in Paris during Haute Couture Weeks twice a year.

  • Firstly, this includes the creations of all the leading Fashion Houses that set the tone for the international fashion world.
  • Secondly, by this concept we mean also unique models, which are produced in the famous fashion salons by customer order.

Ready-to-Wear or Prêt-à-porter – While the expensive Haute Couture line maintains the House’s reputation, the pret-à-porter line brings it the main income. The ready-to-wear lines are designed for the more mass-produced consumer. Pret-a-porter clothes do not fit, they are sold as ready-made, according to the standard line of sizes.

Cruise (Resort) – Cruise collections belong to the category of off-season. Their presentations take place in May and July, and in late autumn they go on sale. Cruise Collections have fewer models and look like summer – they have swimsuits, evening and cocktail dresses, cardigans and warm things.

Pre-fall – Pre-collections is another kind of off-season collection. They go on sale in June, anticipation of what will be in the main collection. These are the most practical, most necessary things in everyday life.

SS – spring-summer – spring-summer, respectively, are the Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture collections.

Fall is Autumn-Winter, also Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture.

Freak is a person who prefers to differ from the general mass of people with its bright, defiant behavior and very unusual appearance. As a rule, such people also have an unusual worldview, which is the result of their rejection of social stereotypes.

Look – means “image” – It’s clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup – everything that creates the image of a person in the compartment.

Look-book is a catalogue of photos created to show original images created from designer clothes and accessories of one or more brands. It is a ready-made solution for your appearance, for every day, for an individual event or special occasion.

Outfit is a complete ensemble of clothes that includes accessories, shoes and jewelry, everything that helps to create an image. It is a generic name for an ensemble of clothing, outfit, toilet and accessories. It mainly concerns women’s clothing.